Where is this year going 🤔

I can’t believe it’s July, this year is just flying by 😢 but lots of good things have been happening, apparently we entered something called the business awards they went to some night out but guess what I wasn’t invited 😩🤔 supposed to be a family business didn’t think of then did they. But I will let them off as I get nice Doggie 🐶 treats and ice cream From Cobbs Café even had a photo shoot with Amy to promote the treats.

Weve even been in the Salisbury Life magazine, has new signs made and I actually feature on one of the signs 😂

Yesterday we went to The Sutton Veny Flower Show that was good fun but they didn’t enter me in the dog show 😢😢 think I might have done well. I saw some strange looking dogs being walked around the show 🤔🤔 only to find out they were goats 🤣🤣🤣 one did have horns.

Weve had lots of nice people in the shop again, I so love meeting people I met a lovely little girl this morning called Milly 🐶 she gave me treat I was so pleased hope to see her again.

Ive had such a busy weekend though I really need to sleep now

Hope to see you soon

E 🐶🐾