Last Day 😪

Well that was my last day for a week anyway 🤣🤣 it’s been a tough few months on my little paws and legs I must walk four times as far as he does, I’m sure he forgets I’ve little legs, he is always asking me if I need to go out as if I’m going to answer 😂 I just have to play along.

Its been a busy week at the shop I’ve met lots of nice people and friendly dogs, I met a lovely little dog that had come over from Germany 🇩🇪 it’s a good job I’m from German origin was able to understand him, it then turned out he was Russian but a lovely breed ( Balonka) google it looked just like me when I was a puppy. 

He was going on about Black Garlic Ketchup again, that’s all I hear about, but I suppose it keeps him happy. 

Did have my picture taken today with Maria from The salisbury journal apparently we have a advert in a magazine called Wiltshire Living check it out.

Not sure what’s going on the next few days but will be great to catch up on some shut eye

Stay safe everyone  

E 🐾