A warm few days

Well hasn’t been warm the last few days and in my Black coat I’ve been struggling 😪 but I did get my haircut on Thursday like to give everyone the run around making out I hate it, but boy do I feel better when it’s cut, but can’t let anyone know that I actually like it 🤣.

Did you watch the royal wedding we had a big screen in the courtyard and lots of people enjoying a picnic, we had prosecco and strawberries well I didn’t but have been doing well with treats 🐶🐶  

Have seen lots of people I know and some new people, met some lovely people from New Zealand they even wanted my picture of course I gladly obliged but he had to get in on the act as well then I suppose he is usually taking the picture so will let him off. 

My mum has been taking me on lots walks at the Shopping Village it’s so nice to spend time with her for a change, I’m hoping we are going to get away in the next few days I know I need a break all this appearing for the public is hard work and a star does need to rest 😂🤣 

Watch this space for a new feature which I’m calling Ernies tour of Wilton Shopping Village  

but in the meantime stay safe and don’t forget to look me up at the shop


E 🐾