Traumatic few days

Hi everyone  , what a week I’ve had 😩🐶 it all started great with some fantastic weather everyone loves the sunshine and he seems to take me for longer walks when it’s nice, but he always forgets I’ve got little legs and that’s why I have to sleep for the rest of the day, well except when customers come into the shop and make a fuss of me 😂😂 

We had a great family barbecue over the weekend with the family coming to ours, they do make a lot of noise though and they chase me around., did sneak a sausage though and was great hanging around The bbq as things were dripping off tasty, although did get some in my hair and ended up having to have a bath. 

My traumatic time started on Tuesday when I went for my normal morning walk when at the end of the walk this nasty big dog decided to have a go at me trapping me against a bin, but my master was able to pull me clear it was quite frightening and was glad to get home, I did get some extra treats 🥩🥓🍖 

It was my annual trip to the vets yesterday and the vet got the big needle out, don’t like needles and made her aware that I don’t 😀😀 

There are some great events coming up at the Shopping Village check out their events page 

Hope to see you soon  

E 🐶