Phew it’s been hot 😎😎😎

Well what a hot day it’s been, it’s great to see the sunshine had a great run in the field this morning but didn’t bump into any of my friends πŸ˜ͺ I then spent time in the garden helping with the pruning , shredding sticks and generally helping-well I thought I was helping πŸ˜€

My reward was a trip to my favourite pub The Fox and Goose had a fantastic greeting from Kayla who made sure I had my treat with lots of fuss, I love that pub 🐢🐢

Had to endure a trip to buy plants then but worthwhile as I got more treats

Apparently we are off tomorrow as well so hopefully can get out and about, but I will be back at the shop on Saturday so why not stop by and say hello

Enjoy the sunshine I need a sleep now

E 🐢