I've been on Holiday 😀😀😀😀😀

Have you missed me everyone 🤔, it has been a rather hectic few weeks, starting with working non stop at the Courtyard Café due to the Wylye arts trail, in virtually everyday for 10 days, it was very tiring for all of us, particularly me having to sit outside watching all the people coming and going, some not even noticing me 😪😪 but others coming over to greet me and give me fuss, it was so tiring but worth it. 

I dropped some hints about getting away, like just bringing him the holiday post, I couldn't help it if it got a bit ripped, was only trying to help 😀 

The penny finally dropped and we went away in the campervan for a few days, it has been really good, they took me into Sidmouth on the bus, my first ever bus ride, was a bit bumpy, but worth it, had lots of people making a fuss of me along the seafront, it was then back on the bus (twice in one day) , we had walks around the campsite seeing rabbits, squirrels and even a thrush in a telephone box ! Don't worry it wasn't trapped, the phone box was on blocks and it flew in underneath. 

I had another first going to a Donkey sanctuary, seeing donkeys for the first time, also being one of the first Dogs in there brand new cafe/restaurant well worth a visit, we had a lovely walk across the fields to get too the sanctuary  .

Had our first BBQ of the year, I had a treat of my first taste of a sausage, it was good 😊  

Im now back home and tired out after all my walks and meeting people, it's back to reality tomorrow and back to work at the cafe, hope to see you there  

oh David Bailey has added some pictures 😩😥😂😀