I Haven't left the country 😀😂

I know it's been ages since I last wrote on my Blog, but he has been busy apparently, what with his cooking duties at the Courtyard Cafe and now the suns shining there out doing the garden, at least I can get outside and help in the garden 😂😂😂😂 well it's what I call help, trouble is the last few days I've been banned from the garden, he has repaired my handy work filling in the holes I had carefully made, but he didn't appreciate them- I can't win. 

Last week at The Ginger Piggery we have the arrival of more piglets, they haven't ventured out of there pen yet so unsure how many, but will let you know as soon as we know, no doubt he will take pictures. 

They did take me to my favourite pub over the weekend, The Fox and Goose, I love going there, always get lots of fuss and treats, we had a nice relaxing time

Today it was my annual trip to the vet 😩 but all good just my check up and booster injections, always get fussed and treats there as well  

Tonight we went for a late walk, he wanted to take pictures of the Cathedral and I had to go as well, didn't have any choice, but was good to go on an evening walk, I do like the lighter evenings. 

Its back to work tomorrow, so hope to see you over the Café  


Me at The Fox and Goose  


Me waiting for David Bailey 😂😩 


Salisbury Cathedral