Belated Happy Easter

Well it's been a very busy few days at the cafe, last week we had Easter crafts and Easter Egg hunt, which will continue this Friday and Saturday if you didn't get chance last week. 

We had a Family roast on Sunday and I was able to have fun in the Garden with Bertie and the boys, lots of fun running and chasing 😀😀😀 , wasnt when Bertie and I had to be shut in while the boys had there Easter Egg hunt, anybody would think we would find the eggs and eat them 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Dogs don't like chocolate do they !!!!! 

But Bertie and I had our own Doggie Treat hunt afterwards, they didn't think we would find the treats, it was easy I can sniff treats out at 100 paces 😀 

Monday we had a day trip out in the campervan, A trip to the beach it was great, but not sure about those waves crashing in, on the way back we stopped of at Baskets and Blooms there favourite place to buy plants, it was good there though as I had lots of admirers, it's really cool when people make a fuss of me


Easter Egg Hunt