What a Day 😀😀

Well what a glorious day it's been today, lovely sunshine which enabled me to spend more time outside 😀😀😀 I love being outside, we had a good tour of The Piggery today, it's so nice to see the colour of Spring coming through, obs he took pictures 🤣 and he is attaching them to MY Blog, just wish he would ask !!!! 

Although now I've seen the pictures I do look good, think I make a good doggie model, shame I don't get paid for it but hope you like them.

It's supposed to be nice again tomorrow, would love to see you at the Café , maybe another selfie with someone.

We had a bit of excitement this afternoon, we had a famous person in the cafe this afternoon  

Nigel Marven The British wildlife presenter

we didn't realise his full fame until after he had left, we googled him check out his website


Just wish I had asked him for a selfie 😩 missed a trick there


This is me making sure they have filled the water bowl, if we have any Doggie visitors