I'm still Here

Hi All, have you missed me 🤔🤔 I've had a relatively quiet week this week, really fed up with the rain, I really don't like getting wet, the field is all muddy, really can't wait for the better weather. 

We did have a trip out at the weekend in Daphne (our campervan) a nice walk along the seafront near Poole, I do like my trips out in the campervan, it's my home from home 😀😀 

I've seen lots of nice people at the Café, everybody says such nice things. 

My Spanish lessons are on hold at the moment 😩 as My teacher is away, hope she brings me back a Spanish treat, never had one of those before. 

He has told me to mention our events page and to check our events page as we have things going on, something about Red Nose Day, whatever that is !!!!! 


He's just been taking pictures again 😩😴 I'm trying to sleep and he just wakes me up for a picture , I just have to play along to keep him happy.