Cake sale for Comic Relief

Hi There hope all is well out there, had a good day today more Spanish lessons today as Pily is back, I have missed her, she always gives me treats 😀😀 

Havent seen much of my Dad today 😥😂 still in the Kitchen supposedly cooking, apparently they've changed the menu for spring, haven't changed mine though still those boring dog biscuits 😩 

I've been told to remind you it's our cake sale for comic relief  

Come on over to The Courtyard Cafe & Marketplace at The Ginger Piggery to help support Red Nose Day.  We are holding a Bake Sale with cakes which will have been donated for this very event. So why not come along and show your support for Red Nose by buying a slice of cake. 

All cake donations welcome, the more the merrier all I ask is that you include an ingredients list for those with allergies.

I thought I could get involved in this red nose thing, come to the cafe This Friday, have a selfie with me and donate £1, so come over and help me raise some money 😀😀 

oh and you can now post comments to my blog, would love to see some comments