Another selfie

Had a relatively quiet day today, still no Pily really missing my Spanish lessons, oh and the music we listen to Spanish radio sometimes and it's really funny when she starts dancing but don't tell her I mentioned that 😂😂 

its been a reasonable couple of days, yesterday we managed to sit outside enjoying the sunshine, thought too much sun makes my coat go different colours. 

Out walking earlier today at the Piggery, we heard a squawking noise, looked up into the tree and there up above was a Red Kite perched in the tree, what a lovely sight and the size when it flew off wow. 

Havent seen much of my lord and master today, as apparently there changing the menu at the Café and he will be doing the cooking check out this picture , a new addition to the menu

The lovely ladies came in this afternoon with more Heart of Warminster brochures, thank goodness we had nearly run out, we even had a selfie which you can see on the Hearts of Warminster page, check it out

Its now time for me to have my evening nap, it's tiring watching all the comings and goings at the cafe 😀  

More Warminster Brochures  

More Warminster Brochures