Busy Day today

Bet you thought I hadn't forgotten about this 😀, had a very busy day today  

Started with my morning walk catching up with my Doggy friends, then of course over to the Courtyard Café, had to check the area out make sure the piglets were still there, then polish up my Spanish, also had to be measured up today for my new Scarf being made for me by the very Kind Lady at The Woollery , can't wait to see it and sure you will see a photo, you know what my Dad is like with his photography 😂😂 

We had our first order of 2017 from Hawkshead Relish today which consisted of some Mudd, I don't get it the only Mudd I know is the one I roll around in, but this Mudd you can eat, he's gone and attached a picture so you can see 😴

Apparently we have more exciting things happening tomorrow  , no doubt I will have to tell you all about it