I've Had my Haircut 🦊🦊

Well it's been a while but have finally had to have my haircut, it's not a process I enjoy somebody coming at me with different brushes, Scissors and this thing that makes a noise, I think you call it a razor 😩😩😩 I really try and make it as difficult as I can 😂😂 Jumping & Wriggling and I still get lots of treats 😀  , now when I look in the mirror I think is that really me, but now it's got cold again- just hope he remembers to put my coat on, He will have his on !!!!!

Tomorrow it's back to work at The Café and hope to see plenty of people, ask to see me and have a selfie with my new hairstyle  

It's Pancake Day today ( whatever that is) and we're having them later, if I give them my sole full look I might get some too 😂 

Have a great evening and enjoy your pancake things



Oh he just said don't forget to check his recipe page