Another Busy Day

Well I have had a busy day today 😀😀 Started this morning, well it would wouldn't it 😂  

Had my usual run around the field, bumping into a couple of my friends and able to have a good run around, then off to the Café and first of this morning, met the lovely ladies from Heart of Warminster, I do like meeting people, they dropped of there Guide to Warminster and The Courtyard Café features in it, maybe next year I might get a mention 🤔🐶 

You need to pick up one of there guides it's jam packed with useful information including events and places to go

Had my usual walks checking on the Piglets all accounted for

It was fun this afternoon as my cousin Bertie was at the cafe and we both went for a walk with the children, which was great until George fell over 😩 , but can report that he is okay but don't the children make a lot of noise

We had lots of people visit us today and the cake is selling fast, they never let me try it, I have asked for some dog treats though

Have a fab evening



Pick up your 2017 Guide from the Courtyard Café