Ernie Has A Very Important Announcement

Firstly I should apologise for not updating my blog in a while but lots have things have been going on and just haven't had the time or just not feeling up to it !!!!!!!!

I have been tasked to issue a very important statement with regards to The Courtyard Cafe, not to sure where to start but here goes

The Courtyard Cafe will be closing on the 25th November after a successful sixteen months, The Marketplace will continue under the new name The Courtyard Marketplace On Tour where we will be undertaking a new and exciting venture, watch this space.

We would like to thank ALL our regular customers, our suppliers and everyone who has supported us during our time At The Ginger Piggery and we hope to see you at future events.

Follow The Courtyard Marketplace on tour through Facebook ,Twitter and our new website for the latest, also My Blog will continue